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Functional Capacity Assessments

Identifying needs and support requirements
Functional Capacity Assessments

Functional Capacity refers to a person’s ability to do their daily tasks and activities. A Functional Capacity Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation that identifies a person’s needs and support requirements. It involves an assessment of a person’s level of function whilst performing activities involved in daily living.

It may be requested for an NDIS plan review or when starting a funding plan to assist with identifying goals and supports required.

A Functional Capacity Assessment can help with:

  • Describing what someone can do themselves and what things they need assistance with.
  • Identifying needs that are not being met.
  • Showing what level of support an individual requires.
  • Providing evidence of a person’s disability and functional capacity

What is involved?

Usually taking about 2 to 3 hours, an experienced Occupational Therapist will come to your house and assess you or your child, in all aspects of functional capacity including:

  • – Physical function
  • – Personal care, showering and toileting
  • – Communication, social skills and emotional regulation
  • – Activities of daily living such as domestic, meal and money tasks
  • – School and employment capacity
  • – Living arrangements and the home
  • – Other areas as required

Following this initial assessment, the Therapist will then commence compiling the report, incorporating what was covered in the initial assessment.

Providing further detail, additional standardised assessments are then completed by you or your child over the following weeks, prior to the finalisation of the Functional Capacity Assessment report.

How long does it take?

The entire process takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete, from initial assessment, to report completion and involves an open dialogue between you and your therapist throughout. This ensures a comprehensive and detailed report that accurately reflects you or your child’s functional capacity and achieves your aims.

What does it achieve?

A Functional Capacity Assessment is evidence of a person’s capacity to do daily tasks and thus can help in gaining the right supports required for funding such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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