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Evolve Therapy
Evolve Therapy

Evolve Therapy Services

NDIS Registered Occupational Therapists in Perth

Evolve Therapy Team

Evolve Therapy is an allied health practice and clinic located in Shenton Park. We provide comprehensive Occupational Therapy services, to children, adolescents and adults in the clinic, school and the home, and remotely via telehealth.

Our team of experienced, NDIS registered Occupational Therapists pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of therapy and care. Combining decades of clinical and community experience, we deliver services with one focus – our clients.

Being an experienced and specialised team of therapists means we don’t do waitlists or unnecessary administration. Our emphasis is solely on our clients, and maximising their therapeutic outcomes.

Our clients talk directly with their therapist, from initial appointment through to goal completion. We are dedicated to always meeting our families and clients therapy needs in the clinic, home or school.

  1. Clinic, home and school appointments
  2. NDIS Registered, DVA and health fund clients
  3. Small and dedicated therapist caseloads

How Evolve Therapy OTs Provide Support

Shenton Park Clinic

Designed by therapists, our sensory gym and therapy rooms offer a functional, focused, and fun space that enhances our client’s experience, and helps us better achieve their goals.

Our clinical and consulting rooms also offer adolescents and adults a personal and tailored setting for all our services including equipment and assistive technology prescription, NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments and home modifications.

Functional Capacity Assessments
Functional Capacity Assessments

Mobile Occupational Therapy Services

Outside the clinic, we deliver services in the school and home. Whether guided by therapeutic outcomes or anything inhibiting you coming into our clinic, we offer appointments across all of Perth’s metropolitan suburbs, Fremantle, and wider Perth.

School Therapy and Appointments

In the school setting, our therapists can work with your child and their educators. Our team have comprehensive experience working in both public and private schools, including relevant checks and requirements and can work directly with teaching staff to best meet you and your child’s goals.

Occupational Therapist Designed Sensory Gym

Allowing focused, fun and tailored therapy in an OT designed gym!

Our sensory gym encourages children of all abilities to participate in cognitive and physical therapy techniques. Its our not-so-secret strategy that assists children with:

  1. Movement,
  2. Balance and body awareness,
  3. Bilateral coordination, and
  4. Fine and gross motor skills

Cognitively, skills such as cause and effect and reasoning are also supported in the sensory gym envinroment, in a fun and structured way.

Enhancing therapy by facilitating sensory and emotional regulation

There exists comprehensive evidence demonstrating the benefits of regulation, and demonstrable therapy outcomes. Allowing children to emotionally and physically regulate in the sensory room prior to, or after a session has significant positive effects on therapeutic outcomes.

Improving evidence based therapeutic interventions and makes therapy fun

We have only incorporated equipment into the room that will assist and enhance our client’s reach their therapy goals. To do this, we have designed the room as fun, yet functional to allow children to explore, emotionally regulate and at the same time, focus and participate in therapy.

Shenton Park Clinic Information

Clinic Location and Access

We’re located at Suite 6/315 Railway Road in Shenton Park. Access is via the main clinic door located at the front (Nicholson Road) entrance. Please use the intercom or doorbell to speak directly with reception if the door is not accessible.

Parking and Facilities

Carparking, including multiple ACROD spaces are located on Grey Street, directly adjacent to the clinic. Additional carparking is also located on Nicholson Road and Grey Street, however this is a short walk from the clinic location.

Accessible amenities are available in the building.

Payment and Fees

Evolve Therapy Services’ is a registered and approved NDIS provider. As such, we can provide services for all funding types under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. All fees are in line with the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and are periodically reviewed against all professional body guidance. We are also registered with all major health funds under the HICAPS and accept payments via this platform. This means that dependent on your individual circumstances, you may be eligible to claim back a part of session fees. We recommend you get in touch with your health fund to discuss.

Rebates are available for Occupational Therapy services under Medicare. A General Practitioner or relevant health practitioner can refer funded sessions under Enhanced Primary Care Plans and Helping Children With Autism program. Please get in touch with your General Practitioner for guidance surrounding this.

Non Attendance and Cancellations

We understand things come up and sometimes appointments need to be cancelled at short notice.

Whatever the reason, we request that families and clients let us know as early as possible. This allows us time to assist you in other ways, reallocate our limited resources and reschedule another appointment.

We'll always use discretion where possible and importantly, act in accordance with the relevant funding body guidance.

Functional Capacity Assessments
Functional Capacity Assessments

How we help

Evolve Therapy Services Occupational Therapists work with individuals across the lifespan to help them realise their full potential. Our OT’s are dedicated to providing:

  • Occupational Therapy in the clinic, at home and at school
  • Comprehensive equipment assessments with our network of NDIS registered suppliers
  • Equipment trials with participants,
  • Lodging assessment and request forms to the NDIS,
  • Complex and minor home modifications, including NDIS funding applications.

Our aim is to work collaboratively with our clients, helping them achieve greater independence and quality of life by providing the right equipment and support tailored to their specific needs and goals.

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