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Adult Occupational Therapy

Independence, rehabilitation and building capacity
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Occupational Therapists can assist individuals of all ages and backgrounds, in the clinic, home or workplace. They are specialised in identifying relationships between people’s health, well being and daily living.

OT’s work with people on a single, or set of goals, usually aimed at improving their capacity for being productive, looking after themselves and enjoying leisure time. These goals can be broken down into some key areas, with a goal of making addressing them a bit easier:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living
  • Social Participation
  • Vocation and Education
  • Leisure and Play
  • Sleep and Rest

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How We Can Assist

  • Face to face therapy in the clinic to work on a physical activity of daily living
  • Therapy in the clinic working on cognitive skills, like finances, getting around or interacting with people
  • Therapy in the home, workplace or outside setting
  • Consultation, assessment and a plan on modifying an environment using technology or aids
  • The provision of therapeutic advice and planning to a client and/or their family.

Evolve Therapy OT’s work together as a health care team, to best assist our clients. Whether its one member of our team working on NDIS home modifications and funding administration, and another on face to face therapy, we find working together when needed with our clients, provides the best outcomes.

Adult Occupational Therapy FAQ’s

How can Occupational Therapy benefit adults on the NDIS?

Occupational Therapy can support adults on the NDIS by addressing their specific goals and needs, such as improving daily living skills, enhancing independence, facilitating community participation, and optimizing overall well-being. Our experienced Occupational Therapists work closely with adults to develop personalised therapy plans that focus on their individual strengths and challenges.

What types of services can Occupational Therapy provide for adults on the NDIS?

Occupational Therapy services for adults on the NDIS can include a wide range of interventions and supports. Some examples include:

  • Assessment and training in activities of daily living (ADLs) such as personal care, meal preparation, and household management.
  • Development of strategies to improve cognitive skills, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving.
  • Assistive technology assessment and prescription to enhance functional abilities.
  • Workplace assessments and accommodations to promote successful employment outcomes.
  • Sensory integration therapy to address sensory processing difficulties.

How do Occupational Therapists collaborate with other healthcare professionals in supporting adults on the NDIS?

Our Occupational Therapists understand the importance of a holistic approach to care. They actively collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, and support coordinators, to ensure coordinated and comprehensive support for adults on the NDIS. This collaboration helps to maximize outcomes and promote the best possible quality of life for individuals.

Can Occupational Therapy assist with home modifications for adults on the NDIS?

Yes, Occupational Therapy can play a crucial role in assessing and recommending home modifications to improve accessibility, safety, and independence for adults on the NDIS. Our therapists have expertise in conducting home assessments, identifying specific modification needs, and working closely with participants, builders, and project managers to facilitate successful home modification projects.

How can I access Occupational Therapy services as an adult on the NDIS?

To access Occupational Therapy services as an adult on the NDIS, you will need an NDIS plan that includes funding for therapeutic supports. You can discuss your needs and goals with your NDIS planner or Support Coordinator, who can help you include Occupational Therapy services in your plan. Once your plan is in place, you can reach out to our team at Evolve Therapy Services to schedule an initial consultation and get started on your therapy journey.

Occupational Therapy for Adults

Occupational Therapists have a holistic approach to therapy, in which the focus can be on adapting the environment or the activities to fit people from any background and any level of ability. We specialise therapy to you and your needs.

Adults that may benefit from Occupational Therapy include adults living with physical, cognitive and psychosocial disabilities.

If you are looking for other adult occupational therapy services in Perth including NDIS occupational therapy services, NDIS home modifications, SDA assessment and occupational therapy equipment. Contact us online or call us at 08 6183 1763.

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Use our enquiry form or speak with reception on 08 6183 1763

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