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Evolve Therapy
Evolve Therapy

Shenton Park Clinic

At our purpose-built clinic, we create a dynamic, goal-oriented, and enjoyable environment for clients to achieve their goals. We offer an array of services, including paediatric Occupational Therapy, assistive technology OT and assistive technology prescription and NDIS Functional Capacity Assessments, in a personalised and bespoke setting.

Our facility houses an OT-designed sensory gym and several clinical and consulting rooms to accommodate a range of ages and abilities. Conveniently located at Suite 6/315 Railway Road, Shenton Park, the clinic is easily accessible via the Nicholson Road entrance.

There are multiple ACROD parking spaces directly adjacent to the clinic on Grey Street, with additional parking on Nicholson Road and Grey Street. Inside, accessible amenities cater to all abilities.

Occupational Therapy Sensory Gym

The heart of our clinic is the OT-designed sensory gym, playing a crucial role in our exceptional face-to-face support. This secure and playful space allows children and young adults to engage in activities promoting therapeutic objectives.

Equipped with specialised tools like sensory swings, climbing frames and balance equipment, our gym fosters sensory stimulation and motor and cognitive development.

Our skilled Occupational Therapists collaborate with clients in the sensory gym to devise and execute customised therapy plans. The gym’s nurturing environment encourages clients to participate in activities that might be daunting elsewhere. This functional setting aids in understanding our clients’ capabilities and obstacles, helping tailor our strategies to boost their progression towards their goals.

At Evolve Therapy, we understand that outstanding face-to-face support is crucial for positive client outcomes. Our sensory gym exemplifies our commitment to fostering an encouraging environment that empowers our clients to flourish.

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Child Sensory Room