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Early Education and School Services

School and Early Education Screening, Assessment and Consultation
Occupational Therapy

Whether an organisation is seeking informal or formal information surrounding screening, OT assessment, therapy support or environmental modifications, we can provide tailored and flexible support.

Early Education and School Screening

Evolve Therapy Occupational Therapists conduct screening sessions at early education, preschool and primary schools across Perth. The purpose of which, is to assess levels of children’s sensory, motor and cognitive skills in an educational setting.

Age groups will determine the types of assessment, however, we focus on early identification of the following early developmental areas:

  1. Recognising letters and shapes
  2. Body awareness
  3. Fine motor skills such as pre-writing skills, grasping and use of scissors.
  4. Balance
  5. Core Strength

Being in the educational environment allows our therapists to liaise with educators and gain a comprehensive understanding of childrens skills and levels of development. Working together with educators, allows us to identify and recommend support earlier in development.

Skilled early educators spend a significant amount of time with children in the early developmental stages. When working with Occupational Therapists, they can offer highly relevant insights into any areas of developmental difficulties. These areas include:

  1. Attention, concentration and focus during instructional periods
  2. Coordination and movement
  3. Social skills and interactions in the group
  4. Not meeting educational milestones
  5. Routine and self care skills, outside of the home setting

Educator Consultation and Professional Development

Evolve OT’s can also conduct staff professional development and training for early educators at all levels. Our clients have included:

  1. Early education centre that required staff training
  2. A primary school of whom required a disability program review
  3. A school that required environmental modifications to better support students with physical disabilities
  4. Ongoing occupational therapy comment in a school newsletter

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