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Communication and Social Skills Development

Equipment and Assistive Technology
Evolve Therapy Occupational Therapists offer a wide range of services to help children develop their handwriting, fine motor and gross motor skills. Our experienced paediatric Occupational therapists have the knowledge and expertise to identify areas where your child may need additional support and to provide targeted interventions to help them make progress.

Handwriting Skills Development

Our Occupational Therapy services can help your child develop their handwriting skills by:

  • Developing a functional pencil grip that promotes good hand and finger positioning for writing
  • Teaching your child how to form letters and numbers correctly, minimising reversals and errors
  • Helping your child keep their writing on the line and avoid writing all over the page
  • Improving the legibility and neatness of your child’s handwriting
  • Teaching your child how to write with less strain and tension in their hand and body
  • Improving your child’s writing speed and fluency
  • Helping your child organize their ideas and get them onto paper

Gross Motor Skill Development

Our Occupational Therapy services can help your child develop their gross motor skills by:

  • Teaching your child how to jump, hop, skip and balance, promoting coordination and balance
  • Improving your child’s ability to catch and throw a ball, enhancing their hand-eye coordination
  • Developing your child’s core strength, enabling them to sit and stand upright and improving overall physical fitness
  • Improving your child’s coordination of both sides of their body, which can help with activities of daily living
  • Increasing your child’s body awareness and motor planning

Fine Motor Skill Development

Our Occupational Therapy services can help your child develop their fine motor skills by:

  • Developing your child’s dominant hand, enabling them to use one hand more efficiently than the other
  • Teaching your child how to hold scissors and cut, promoting independence in self-care tasks such as cutting food or grooming
  • Developing your child’s hand and finger strength, enabling them to grip and manipulate objects more easily and effectively
  • Improving your child’s fine motor control, dexterity and precision, enhancing their ability to perform tasks that require fine motor skills

Evolve Therapy Occupational Therapists take a client-centred approach to therapy, meaning that we work closely with you and your child to identify their specific needs and goals. We understand that every child is unique and we tailor our interventions to meet their individual needs.

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