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Equipment and Assistive Technology

Equipment that supports your independence
Equipment and Assistive Technology

Evolve Therapy Services’ Occupational Therapists can provide people of all ages with equipment and assistive technology that meets their needs. Whether simple or complex, we can help you benefit from equipment that supports your independence and maximises your participation in all kinds of activities.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology, also known as equipment or aids assist people with a disability to complete tasks they could not otherwise complete. It may increase the ease of which you complete the task, maximise your safety when participating in an activity or assist those supporting you.

Assistive technology facilitates independence, maximises participation, and supports safety. These devices are specific to you, what you want to do, and suitable to the environment you’re in, whether you’re at home, school, work, or out in the community.

Examples of Assistive Technology

  • Manual and powered wheelchairs, specialised strollers, power assist products
  • Specialised seating and pressure relieving cushions
  • Leisure equipment such as beach wheelchairs and bikes
  • Daily living equipment including shower chairs, commodes, alternative positioning chairs (eg Mealtimes, play, comfort), specialised beds, mattresses for pressure management, hoists and slings (mobile floor hoist, standing hoists and ceiling track hoists)
  • Vehicle access including modified vehicles and specialised car seats

What we can help with?

Any assistive technology is unique to each individual’s needs and goals. We will conduct a series of assessments and trials to ascertain what the best fit is for you. Following this, we will then create a report aimed at attaining the relevant funding, if required.

Once delivered, our Occupational Therapists will work with you at every step, to ensure that every requirement from initial fitting to adjustments and ongoing training to you and your support, is met.

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